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    What's been going on with Development?


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    What's been going on with Development? Empty What's been going on with Development?

    Post by Awec on Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:47 pm

    So you may have heard about our "Development team" and various plans to do this or that; primarily an Anime project and a Clan Youtube or Twitch channel. While some of the discussions for these (and other things) have been done in public we've actually been doing a lot of thinking about making such projects in private. Because of this we have a LOT of ideas - these will be summarised below.

    The main issue currently is that while we admins have ideas bouncing all around everywhere, we don't have the necessary skills to do a lot of the projects. This brings me onto the topic of recruiting. I will list the jobs we currently need for our development team, so if you think you can and would like to do any of the jobs we need, please feel free to post a reply.
    Contributing to the development team comes with rewards:

    • You will be considered a staff member on a similar level with Moderators.
    • You will have discounts on VIP Privileges (a full list of what this means will be available soon).
    • You will be entitled to a proportion of any profit we may make from your project.
    • You will have the gratitude of all the admins - this might be useful in ways you do not anticipate!
    • You get to work on a fun project with a bunch of friendly fellow clan members and make something we can all be proud of!

    Without further ado here are the jobs we need people to do (Names like this are potentials for the jobs):
    Anime project

    • Animator: (LikeLogi?)
    • Sound Effects Producer
    • Voice Actors
    • Music Producer: (Donkz?)
    • Editor (Me?)

    Warcraft 3 Clan Map

    • Mapmaker(s): (n00byhell?), (soulkiller?)

    Clan TST Twitch/Youtube

    • Broadcaster(s): Me, (UwillknowPain?), (Donkz?)
    • Twitch Chat Moderator(s)

    Game Development

    • Sprite artist
    • Programmer
    • Sound Effects Producer
    • Music Producer
    • Bugtester(s)

    So here are my ideas:

    Anime project: I may be writing the script and possibly working on music or being a voice actor. I've got a few ideas for the storyline already however we need animators before anything can be decided.
    I was thinking maybe we could do an anime based on Golden Sun
    Or alternatively, Shoutrix suggested a series based on the game ideas I have, which could work.
    Finally, I had this idea: An anime similar to Dragonball with long, magical fights where characters would need to charge up spirit energy. The basic plot would follow one of the "heroes" accidentally killing someone during their fight and becoming wanted for murder. The anime would follow this character as he resorts to more drastic measures in order to stay alive.
    I spoke earlier of profit: This project will likely be uploaded in an episodic format to youtube, which could potentially be monetised.

    Youtube Channel: I have my own youtube channel on which I've already uploaded some Warcraft 3 and will upload a Pokemon Let's Play, however I may also be able to contribute to this. Donkz also has a channel and mentioned contributing, but we'll have more info later. One idea is that a group of clan members could do something like a Chain Play for a game (eg Pokemon), where after each episode someone different starts playing. Alternatively we could have a skype call discussing the game, perhaps even with twitch streaming. Primarily the plans are to use the twitch channel to stream events.
    Another idea for a Youtube channel unrelated to gaming videos is this:

    Comedy Sketches: I've got a few ideas so far (please tell me if they're funny or not):

    • 2 guys are watching the Moon Landing, one of them comments "This is so fake, that flag is blowing in the wind! There is no wind on the moon!" Cut to 1969 on the Moon, over the intercom someone says "Ok we need to make this look impressive. John, you know what to do." The flag starts blowing and it cuts to behind the flag where the astronaut John is using a hairdryer to make it blow in the wind.
    • A group of guys walk through a deserted town and a tumbleweed blows past. One guys asks "Who makes those things anyway?" It cuts to a factory where the tumbleweeds are obviously being made, and the boss of the factory says "It's no use, we're going to have to shutdown. There's just no demand for tumbleweeds any more." The conveyor belts are cleared and everyone leaves. Then a tumbleweed blows past.
    • A man is in the shower, but the water is running. He looks confused. Then the camera zooms out to reveal he is in IKEA, with an employee saying "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
    • A man climbs to the top of a pool diving board and says "Finally! Wow this feels so high! Geronimo!" and dives off. As he fades into the distance an astronaut passes and comments "This can't be safe."
    • Nintendo, 1990. The boss and his secretary are walking the corridors when they come across a man playing the Game Boy. The boss asks "Hey, what do you have there?" The man replies "Oh this? I made it. I call it the Game Boy!" The boss takes it and says "Awesome, great work!" As they walk off the secretary asks "Isn't that man the Janitor? Boss?" but the boss is too busy playing the Game Boy.

    These might not seem great but I think they'd work really well when animated.

    Developing a game: I'm the project leader for this: I have plenty of ideas for making games, and may even make games on my own. However I think making some games with the clan would be a great way to get some serious advertisement going and could also make a good profit if we could sell our games via Steam. The ideas I have are as follows: A platformer in the Metroidvania style and an RPG. For the RPG I could use RPG Maker since I own it but personally I'd prefer to code it from scratch. For coding it, I'm inclined to use python however if you want to be a programmer for this project then post the languages you're familiar with below and we can work something out.
    Platformer Ideas: Metroidvania style so as you go on you can discover secret rooms, unlock upgrades for your character etc. The plot is that you are an escaped Android who became a warrior for justice in a corrupt universe. You are sent to the planet Norway (an ice planet) to stop the summoning of a powerful demon. You progress across the planet surface, through a cave system and into a secret fortress. You then find a portal into Hell which then takes you further into The Void, where you have to fight the demon. As weapons/tools, you would have a plasma gun (Samus' beam weapon), a laser (has to charge up but then is constantly on), a jetpack and probably more.
    RPG Ideas: I was thinking of having a really in-depth magic system, something to make the game really unique. Based on quite a generic kind of medieval fantasy setting with the main characters being soldiers. As a basic idea for the plot I was thinking you are sent to pursue an escaped prisoner and then a war breaks out between the kingdom you fight for and the evil orcs, leaving you stranded. Obviously there'd be plenty of ancient ruins to serve as dungeons, evil castles and such.

    That's all of the ideas we've come up with so far. Obviously we'll keep working on them though future ideas will be posted elsewhere. If you think you can do any of the jobs we need please please post a reply, it would be really great to make something awesome for the clan.

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    What's been going on with Development? Empty Re: What's been going on with Development?

    Post by Shoutrix on Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:05 pm

    Great post!
    We should also consider, web designers! Since they'll be need soon as-well!
    (HTML,CSS,PHP,MySQL,JavaScript,jQuery)! Smile

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    What's been going on with Development? Empty Re: What's been going on with Development?

    Post by Awec on Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:05 am

    UPDATE to the clan map: I've been working on a simple map (PANDA) for the clan HOWEVER I am most definitely still a beginner at mapmaking so anyone who has more experience is more than welcome to make another map or even modify mine.

    In other news, my youtube channel is going well and I believe I will soon be able to do twitch streaming and record for a clan channel though I will want some help.

    No progress on Game Development or the Anime Project.

    What's been going on with Development? 11
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    What's been going on with Development? Empty Re: What's been going on with Development?

    Post by Donkz on Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:55 am

    I could have a go at map stuff, though last time I did was in 2007-2008.

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    What's been going on with Development? Empty Re: What's been going on with Development?

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