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    TST Future Bots -


    Should we get more bots?

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    TST Future Bots - Empty TST Future Bots -

    Post by Shoutrix on Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:05 am

    A few members have been asking for bots, if we'd get a RoC (Reign of Chaos) bot and more TFT (The Frozen Throne) bots.
    So my plan was on keeping ST.Bot1 as an admin hosting bot. For admins to host what they would like. (Not the Administrators).
    And as-well as an auto-hosting map. (Hosting our clan maps, rotating between them and such). Would be great.
    And a few people also asked about a RoC bot. And if you guys would like a RoC bot we could probably get one, but don't forget, we need the money to be able to provide with high quality bots with high performance. (We don't want shitty bots.)

    Multiple votes are allowed, if you only want a RoC bot, vote ONLY for the RoC-topic.
    If you ONLY want a TFT autohosting bot, vote ONLY for the TFT-topic.
    If you don't want nothing of it, ONLY vote No.

    We need a few votes to get this succeeded.
    A little reminder, the donations have been doing good so far! (Thanks to Awec for this months donation!)

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