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    New scripts for the ClanST bot!


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    New scripts for the ClanST bot! Empty New scripts for the ClanST bot!

    Post by Shoutrix on Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:18 am

    So I've had a couple of new scripts in mind and decided to contact the providers to help me out, and so it got confirmed.
    They're already working on 2 new scripts, both clan related.

    The first one is,
    A Clan Message script that will send a mass pm (whisper to online members) and notify them with information in an easy way.

    The second one is,
    A Clan ranking script, with a few of the forum ranks,
    10 = Administrators
    9 = Greater Moderators
    8 = Moderators
    7 = Counselors
    6 = Staff Members
    5 = Event Staff
    4 = VIPs
    3 = Donators
    2 = Specials (special users)
    1 = Admins (bot admins)
    0 = Users/Members (not a rank)

    Staff Members rank includes the ranks from the forum that has been excluded for example, PR group, Support Team, Developers etc.
    This is a nice script on the side, that will help people with finding staff and etc.
    To use the feature to see what a persons special rank is, simply use .inforank # (# for the number you want to see, from 1-10).

    If you have ANY suggestions on a cool script/plugin let us know in the Suggestions section, and we will discuss it from there!
    Hope this is a cool little small update! Smile

    We also plan on getting more scripts, so don't forget to leave a suggestion ANY time if you have ANYTHING in mind!
    Have a happy gaming.

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