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A clan, with high quality servers, very secure services and an awesome environment for Everyone.

    Donations are greatly appreciated!


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    Donations are greatly appreciated! Empty Donations are greatly appreciated!

    Post by Shoutrix on Sun Sep 14, 2014 10:53 pm

    Hello guys.
    Since TST has just launched (3 months ago)!
    We're three months old! *WEEEHO*

    We are three months old, and have over a hundred of members.
    Great progress, but we still have more to aim for!
    As a celebration we'll be having an event hosted, and we'll be picking winners and there will be price rewards, of course!
    It's time to celebrate our progress so far! And we have just started, so there's just MORE yet to come, sit back and relax while we make TST the best internet meet-up place. Ever!

    We have become very active... In-game..
    We have to start using the forums, since there's A LOT of information coming this month. Both great and bad news.
    So make sure, you check the forums everyday at least once!

    We also have invested and used-up the whole clan budget. Which puts us down at 0$.
    We have no money to finance our servers and maintain them.
    That's why, we need donations. We have a goal of 30$ every month. It sounds a lot, but that's what our great server do cost.
    And we wouldn't like to change any other service provider due to the security requirements we demand.
    We really really need the money to maintain the servers, Unturned server, Minecraft server and the Clan WC3 bots.
    If you have ANY questions, just comment down below or send me a private message.

    We hope you've enjoyed being with us so far.
    Great information will be dropping by this week.

    Happy 3rd month The Stalking Turtles! Smile

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