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    Unturned server | Update!


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    Unturned server | Update! Empty Unturned server | Update!

    Post by Shoutrix on Fri Sep 26, 2014 11:33 pm

    Hello dear Unturned players!
    We're currently working on a preview of v3.0.1 of our server.
    It's currently not public, however we'll try to get the server up and running by tomorrow!
    We're so sorry for the hold-up but it'll all turn out really good at the end.

    We've also been getting a lot of new modifications we'll be installing to the server.
    More information will come, as well as VIP perks, and cool stuff for the future.

    Events will also be starting to kick in, such as VIP Events and so on.

    Sorry once again for the hold-up.
    Welcome back tomorrow! Smile

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