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Unturned server upgrade (3.0.1)

Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:24 am by Shoutrix

Hello guys!
So I was just going to update you all on what's going on with the server.
So, just yesterday we got the Unturned Alpha Preview of version 3.0.x.

We do run the server still, but in the Alpha version, currently you cannot:
Use skills

However, you can still:
Drink water
Eat canned beans
Shoot with a weapon
Hit with an axe
Use medkits
Run around with other players on the server and/or be killed by them.

In order to get access to it, you have to go to Library > Unturned > Right-click > Properties > BETAVERSIONS > OPERATIONMAPLELEAF is the code to put in the checkbox > Just above the checkbox it says Preview - Public Test Branch.
And then you'll download the 3.0.x Alpha version Preview.

After you've done all that, you're more than welcome to come check out the Unturned Alpha Preview Version!

PS. We're one of the few that does offer a Preview sneakpeak of what has yet to come in the 3.x.x version! Smile
Have an awesome …

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Info regarding the first Admin Applications!

Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:42 pm by Shoutrix

Hello dear lovely members/players!
I want to thank you for choosing our server!
It sincerely means a lot to us, thank you.

We have had a lot of great applications, but we do have a limit.
A limit of admins on the server, so of all the great applications, we'll be promoting
1 Admin
1 Moderator
To be able to give everyone a better chance.
We will of course as soon as we're in need of an Admin we'll be getting opening the applications again.
So don't let your hopes up.

I want to thank you all for sending in your applications and are liking our server that much that you're willing to work with it.
The chosen once will get informed, tomorrow. (Tuesday 23rd September).
Don't let up your hopes, because we're aiming for a 24/7 hour staff.

Good luck, guys! Smile

Admin applications! RELEASED!

Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:00 pm by Shoutrix

Hello there players!
For you who would love to apply for an Admin position.
We're currently recruiting new Admins on the Unturned server!

Make sure you answer ALL OF THE QUESTIONS down below:

To send us an application create a new thread and answer it there and post it in the Applications section!
Use this link to do so:

Hello Turtles!
You all have been nagging about the Admin Applications release!
Well finally, we got them here, right now!

We don’t have a limit of how many Admin-positions we’ll give away.
Put a real effort and really try hard to create a really good application, because we won’t accept bad applications. Remember: You’re representing yourself with words.
Answer the following questions here:

1. What is your forename?
2. What is your Steam ID?
3. What is your account on Unturned?
4. How old are you?
5. Do you have a microphone?
6. Are you an experienced Admin/Moderator? If so, in what area?
7. How …

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