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    Admin applications! RELEASED!


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    Admin applications! RELEASED! Empty Admin applications! RELEASED!

    Post by Shoutrix on Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:00 pm

    Hello there players!
    For you who would love to apply for an Admin position.
    We're currently recruiting new Admins on the Unturned server!

    Make sure you answer ALL OF THE QUESTIONS down below:

    To send us an application create a new thread and answer it there and post it in the Applications section!
    Use this link to do so:

    Hello Turtles!
    You all have been nagging about the Admin Applications release!
    Well finally, we got them here, right now!

    We don’t have a limit of how many Admin-positions we’ll give away.
    Put a real effort and really try hard to create a really good application, because we won’t accept bad applications. Remember: You’re representing yourself with words.
    Answer the following questions here:

    1. What is your forename?
    2. What is your Steam ID?
    3. What is your account on Unturned?
    4. How old are you?
    5. Do you have a microphone?
    6. Are you an experienced Admin/Moderator? If so, in what area?
    7. How much free time do you spend on games?
    8. How much time have you spent on Unturned in total?
    9. What would you as an Admin do to prevent disturbance on the server?
    10. We need both serious and funny Admins. Tell us a joke.
    11. Why should WE pick YOU over ANYONE else?
    12. Will you report everything fishy to the other Admins to spread awareness with the other Admins?
    13. Will you be creating Events and helping the community as well as recruiting new members to TST?
    14. Why did you choose our services?

    Good luck to anyone who applies, we’ll be evaluating your application in 24 hours.
    Have fun! Smile

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